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Energy prices are rising – act now

Article by: Stacey Morgan, October 11, 2018

Energy prices have risen dramatically over the last 18 months which obviously has a huge effect on bottom line profits of any business. With prices forecasted to continue along this upward trend it makes commercial sense to review and secure future energy prices now – to protect your business against these increasing costs.

Outsourced Utilities can manage your entire energy portfolio and monitor the markets for the optimum time to renew, so you can spend time in your business doing what you do best, rather than worry about your spiraling energy costs.

About us…

Outsourced Utilities Ltd was established back in 2014 and since then we have built an excellent reputation for delivering honest, personable and expert energy broker services. This is testament to our refreshing ethos and unique business growth model focused around repeat business and driven by partner and customer referrals.

What makes us different…

Our business was established by our managing director who had first-hand experience of businesses being mis-sold expensive energy contracts by suppliers and brokers not working in their interests. Our whole business model has been based on offering honest and genuine advice on the best solution for the business we are helping. We aim to develop long term relationships and can only do so by sticking to our core values and ethos.

We do what is right for our customers, not what is necessarily the easiest. In a rising market, it is absolutely essential that customers receive genuine advice from a trusted expert.

How we can help you…

We will work on your behalf to find the most suitable energy contracts for your business, regardless of the size, industry, location or number of branches within the organisation.

In a rising market it makes financial sense to agree your contract earlier to protect your business from future price increases. Outsourced Utilities can take care of this end to end process, offering impartial advice and finding the most suitable tariff for your organisation.

We can also manage your entire energy portfolio with:

• Dedicated and friendly account managers, who genuinely care about helping your business
• A transparent customer portal so you have full visibility of your account and current contracts
• We can review historic charges with the aim of recovering money in instances where you may have been historically overcharged
• If your bills are getting out of control we can assess where changes can be made internally to lower them for you.

Why not get a free review of your energy portfolio today – you literally have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain!

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