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An evening to remember at the A-T Charity 2018 Spring Ball

Article by: Owen Davies, May 5, 2018

The A-T Charity Spring Ball, 2018.


Today marks a week since we attended the A-T Charity 2018 Spring Ball at Chester Racecourse; where does the time go!

What a night it was; brilliant entertainment, great company and all for a very special cause. Despite the wine flowing (very) freely around the table, it was a night that we will remember for a long time to come.

Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T) is a life changing, rare genetic degenerative condition that appears without warning in early childhood. The condition impacts multiple systems of the body, with degeneration of the central nervous system resulting in a loss of coordination and muscular control. As a result, children with A-T are commonly confined to a wheelchair by the time they leave primary school. A-T dramatically impacts the lives of both the children diagnosed and their families. The disease typically increases the chances of developing cancer and respiratory failure meaning many children who have the disease will have their lives cut short in their twenties. A-T currently affects around 250 people in the UK meaning little has been done in terms of research into the prevention and treatment of A-T. Events such as the Spring Charity Ball are therefore vital in terms of raising funds so that research can be done to help find a cure and therapy for the condition, whilst also helping to support the lives of the families that have been affected.


Watch the video below for a much better explanation of A-T!


We were absolutely honoured to be a part of such a fantastic event and would like to take this opportunity to thank Simon Williams, managing partner of Jolliffe & Co, for the invite and the other key sponsors including the A-T Spring Ball founders, Vaughn and Joanne Rawson of Rawson Digital, for the first-class organisation and hospitality.

From all the team at Outsourced, keep up the great work and roll on next year’s event! (2019… wahhh!! Joking aside, it is reading about conditions like A-T that remind us to be grateful for each and every day that we are healthy and also make us realise how important it is to treasure every moment!)



Can you help support Action for A-T?

Donations to the Action for A-T Charity can be made by visiting the Charities website –

More information about the A-T Spring Ball can be found by visiting the events website –



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