Case Study #3
Helping The Community – Cheshire West Voluntary Action

Supporting local causes is a super-high priority for the team at Outsourced Utilities.

We understand how selfless charitable volunteers are and love to give back to our community in any way we can. On that note, let me introduce you to CWVA, the Cheshire West Voluntary Action.

Many charities in the area rely heavily on volunteers, so it can be difficult for charities to develop without the business skills required. The CWVA are an organisation who help other charities with business skills and support – boosting their productivity, marketing and overall ability tenfold.
Workshops, one-to-one classes and larger scale events have all helped to empower our local community projects, and the difference can be seen all across Cheshire.

We’re proud to have had the privilege of working closely alongside the CWVA for the last number of years. Their work is exceptional, so giving them a helping hand was the very least we could do!

When you’re a charity, working on a shoe-string budget day-to-day, finding yourself a perfect energy deal is an unnecessary challenge, which really drains on potential activity. Just take a moment to think about when you’ve been on price comparison websites at home. It can feel like an endless and time-consuming challenge.

Now imagine you’re a charity, and the pressure is on to deliver to the community, you obviously need help in navigating the maze, in the most efficient way possible!

Cheshire West Voluntary Action

Through their skill share programme, we saw an opportunity to step in and help a stream of charities to maximise their potential and not have to waste time and resources on finding appropriate energy deals.

From small independents to large multi-site operations, we’ve helped charity members with their energy renewal contracts and any billing issues they may have. All our advice is honest and clear, so everyone involved has a superior understanding of their business energy and can make their own fully-informed decisions when it comes to finding an energy contract that suits their budget.

It also means they can spend much less time banging their heads against the wall in search of a deal. The can now understand exactly what deals are worth looking into, and which are best for them.

It’a quick! It’s easy! And we’re thrilled that our charities are able to make informed decisions on their energy offerings.

If you’re a business in the Cheshire area, we implore you to get involved with the CWVA – you’ll be supporting a sensational cause and could even learn more about your own business along the way. It’s truly rewarding!

Know an organisation who might be in need of our transparent advice? Send them our way, we’d be happy to help.

We do the hard work, so you can relax in the knowledge that you have the perfect deal for you.

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