Case Study #2
Helping Care Homes With Their Energy Needs – Lexham Green Care Home

Lexham Green House is a beautiful care home in Buckley.

Their hard-working staff look after a number of elderly residents, ensuring that their days are filled with happiness.

A wonderful service like this needs all the help it can get to continue operating at maximum strength, and every penny matters in ensuring that residents receive the care they deserve. Sadly, this was far from the case for this care home. They’d been stung.

Our initial contact with Lexham Green was in 2014, when they were in need of a portfolio review for their confusing electricity and gas offerings. Jayne, the care home’s representative, had been told by a previous salesperson that she was receiving a great deal, when in fact, she had the polar opposite.

Lexham Green Care Home

Our review process highlighted gross overcharging by their incumbent energy provider, and frankly, enough was enough. We challenged the contracts on behalf of the client on the basis that they had been mis-sold.

The care home had been preyed on, and we were determined to make things right for them and their residents. Our challenge managed to secure Lexham Green House a sizeable rebate of over £20,000 whilst also freeing them from the snare of the contract, which still had a brutal 3 years remaining!

After the successful challenge, we took control of the situation and secured the home far more competitive gas and electricity deals, which were fully fixed and transparent – just what they needed!

Lexham Green Care Home

Over the course of this new contract, Lexham House would save a further £20,000 - which was music to the ears of everyone involved!

Nowadays, we continue to manage Jayne’s energy renewals, meaning that she avoids the dangers of pushy salespeople. We also help her to navigate the sea of complexities in the market by making things simple, straightforward, and by explaining every stage of the process.

I think it’s fair to say, she won’t get fooled again.

Thanks to the extensive and sincere work our team have put into the project, we have built a trusted and fruitful relationship with Jayne and the care home. Now their efforts can be placed into the important areas instead – looking after the residents!

We’re incredibly proud to have been able to produce the goods for this wonderful care home, and to have built an amazing relationship with a client who is happy to refer us to other thriving businesses.

Help to stop honest people being taken advantage of; if you know any business that may be in a situation like Lexham Green, contact us right away on [email protected] or 01244 506666.

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