Case Study #1
Helping Small – Independent Businesses – The Yard Restaurant

You really can’t beat the taste of delicious Italian delicacies. Their tasty pasta, their fresh bruschetta, their crisp beers – it’s like a happy dance on the taste buds.

One of the finest offerings in my local area, comes from The Yard restaurants. They’re a small independent chain who serve up the most beautiful dishes you could imagine, alongside a sensational venue for a few drinks.

When we heard they were in need of help with their energy portfolio then, how could we say no?!

Helping Small – Independent Businesses – The Yard Restaurant

They were in need of a broker to come in and take full management of their contracts, so that they could continue making their amazing food, without having to think about any potentially damaging rising energy costs.

They were also, as most businesses are, getting bombarded with cold calls from energy brokers, and simply wanted a team they could trust on the case.

We took the control they wanted to escape from, and got them a deal that suited their rapidly expanding business.

Cheaper gas, you got it. Cheaper electricity, you got it. Money and time saved, you got it.

Whatever they needed, we were able to provide. They now entrust us to deal with any billing issues they may encounter, which were always happy to help with, as everyone needs to ask questions every now and then.

Plus, they don’t have to deal with the hundreds of cold callers anymore, as they love the honest, transparent, genuine service they receive from Outsourced Utilities. And who likes cold callers anyway?!

The Yard have been experiencing a period of prosperity and growth recently, meaning new restaurants, bars and locations, but also, new energy requirements. Whenever they acquire a new property, they know they can rely on us, as they understand that we do the hard work and find them the perfect energy offering, no matter how challenging.

Every building is different, meaning every deal is different and confusing, so for a task this huge, you have to lean on a broker you can trust to the fullest.

Moving property? Expanding your offices? Developing your current building?

No matter the building, Outsourced Utilities can find you a fixed rate deal, meaning you can dodge the danger of ever-rising energy costs.

We’re just a phone call or email away, so open up the conversation on 01244 506666 or [email protected] and get the friendly, open advice you need to accelerate your business forward!

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