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The importance of dedicated account management

Article by: Owen Davies, May 11, 2018

Sales go up and down, Service stays forever


I don’t think it is unreasonable to say that the energy industry is inherently commission driven and plagued by an unfortunate transactional sales mentality. This results in many companies being far more concerned with taking on new customers than helping to keep their existing customers happy. Why, we hear you ask! To be honest, we have no idea. To us it makes absolutely no sense. However, what it does do is provide us and other companies sharing similar values with an opportunity to deliver an exceptional, relationship driven service that goes against the grain. Taking on new customers is obviously what makes our business grow but looking after our existing customer base is our lifeblood. The quote, ‘Sales go up and down, Service stays forever’, takes pride of place on our office wall. A lot of work goes in to negotiating and arranging a new supply contract but our real work – where we add real value to our customers – starts after the contract is signed with dedicated account management.

How many times have you signed off a utility contract and then received your bill and seen something is wrong? You call your broker, no answer. Then you try your supplier, and you end up on the phone for literally hours! With a business to run you think ‘I don’t have time for this’. The problem then remains unsolved until it eventually becomes a big enough of a problem that you must take a day or two out of your busy schedule to fix it. You end up with a bad taste in your mouth over the precious time you’ve wasted and move your business elsewhere at the end of your contract.


The importance of dedicated account management


True dedicated account management services solve this exact problem. Our job is to deal with these issues for you. We act as the single point of contact for our customers for all utility related issues, so they can concentrate on running their business.

Whichever supplier or broker you decide to go with, billing issues will always occur, that’s inevitable.  But the question you should maybe ask yourself when next deciding on which supplier or broker to choose is, ‘who is going to manage my account when there is a problem?’. As a team of energy professionals, we do so much more behind the scenes that customers do not realise. We want to make utilities the last of your worries.

Whether you are a new customer or an existing customer our service stays forever.


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